1. Wear Application:

1) Carbide seal ring as mechanical seal used for Petroleum and chemical industries

2) Carbide nozzle for spraying & shot blasting, with thread inside and outside

3) Carbide drawing dies for wire & rod made

4) Carbide pins for Tire Skid, bearing in auto industry

5) Carbide hammer for Automobile Safety Hammer, crushing hammer with very good 

    wear resistance and Anti-cracking resistance

2. Cutting Application:

1) Carbide knives for newspaper cut

2) Scrapping materials

3) Milling cutter & milling tools

4) Cutting tools

5) Carbide brazed tips for metal cutting

6) Carbide blades for cigarette & paper & plastic & glass & wood industries

7) PCB cutter

8) Carbide saw tips, strips, rods, blanks

9) Carbide inserts, interchangeable cutting inserts

3. Petroleum Industry Application, especially for oil exploration and well completion:

1) Carbide ball and seat as valve pairs

2) Carbide oil shaft sleeve

3) Carbide drilling bush

4) Carbide flow beans

5) Carbide tube

6) Carbide valve core

4. Mining Application:

1) Carbide buttons for rock roller bits

2) Carbide buttons for water well drilling (DTH button bits)

3) Carbide tips for coal picks

4) Cutter picks & Cross bits for tunnel making

5) Cap carbide tips for grading

6) Carbide crushing tools

7) Carbide milling bits

5. Metal Forming Application, Sinter-HIP:

1) Carbide plugs & dies for tube made

2) Carbide Dies for hot & cold extrusion and metal forming

3) Carbide extrusion dies for container made

4) Carbide blanks for lamination dies

5) Carbide toolings for dry cell battery industry

6) Carbide bar drawing dies for ferrous & non-ferrous bars

6. Heading Application, Sinter-HIP:

1) Hot forging dies for engine valve made

2) Extrusion dies for fasten & bolts made

3) Ball heading,taper roller heading for bearing industry

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