Tungsten carbide rods are most for metal working, milling/turning/drilling/boring.

All of our tungsten Carbide Products are made from 100% Virgin Raw Materials and Sinter-HIP, with very good quality and excellent performance.

Our main material grades on tungsten carbide rods:

GradeCobaltGrain sizeHardnessDensityBending strength  Impact strength
YS1010%0.8um91.8HRA14.35g/cm3   4100N/mm2      0.45kgf/cm2
YS1212%0.6um92.3HRA14.18g/cm3   4400N/mm2       0.4kgf/cm2
YS50012%0.45um92.6HRA14.03g/cm3   4100N/mm2       0.4kgf/cm2
YS2010%0.8~1.0um91.5HRA14.41g/cm3   4300N/mm2       0.5kgf/cm2

h6 Tungsten carbide solid rods


Carbide 2 helix rods

 Customs-made carbide rods


Carbide rods with chafmer

 Durable cemented carbide round bar

Cemented Carbide rods