Tungsten Carbide Ball and Seat as Valve Pairs Type V11 Series

V11-106,V11-125, V11-150,V11-175, V11-200,V11-225,V11-250, V11-325,V11-375                                                                    
Quality standard: As per the US standard API 11AX                                                                        
Application: Valve pairs (seat + ball) are used in deep-well sucker-rod pumps for the production of heavy and viscous oil. Valve pair is the most critical part of the pump, as it is subject to the greatest chemical and mechanical influences.

Tungsten carbide ball and seat blanks

Our valve pairs provides the best hydraulic performance in comparison with analogs. 

The available material grade: tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, nickel carbide or cobalt alloy

API Standard Tungsten Carbide Valve Balls and Valve Seats